Full-range commoning - The contribution of care work

Updated 11nov2021
This page is work in progress. But here is a 15min video which locates this model within the four models of governance: Governance & contribution in commons and here are the slides.
Play the video (a BBB room recording) in Firefox or Chrome on a laptop or desktop.
Governance - Full-range commoning: intensive care work
xxx Intersectional power - Identity, pluriverse, transversal politics, non-supremacy. See [Reparation, reconciliation, restorative justice]. Included within ‘care work’; thus, at the heart of commoning
xxx D’you just want the light to come on when you flip the switch? Are you ready for all the care work?
Protocols xxx care work, articulation work, landscape §3, ‘in-here’ space, structures of feeling: skilful, aware dancing and navigating (surfing, singing the winds) in emotional currents and worldly winds of expectation