Plural community - Three sectors


Updated: 2021 10 12

Incomplete, to be extended xxx

Looking at our evolving membership during 2021, we felt that three broad ‘sectors’ of practice needed to be recognised, in order to fully engage with them, support them, and recruit them into active contribution as members of

These are by no means distinct - although falling into ‘silos’ is a central challenge in civil-society organising and commons transition, which we mean to engage with in the commons.hour venue space. The distinction helps us orient to differing core concerns in our user community.

A principle of plurality or ‘pluriverse’ is involved here.

xxx The basic importance of facilitating - our user members are not to be regarded primarily as consumers, but as engaged in coproduction (with each other and in the coop) in all three sectors. therefore aims to furnish active facilitation, formación and infrastructuring, and to facilitate contribution by user members as well as operational members.

Three sectors

Commoning, in three sectors of activist practice:

  • 1 Coop - Transformed economy, making the coop-commons

  • 2 Solidarity - Transformed silos, formación

  • 3 Toolstack - Transformed organising capability, infrastructuring

xxx Expand the schema below, especially 'beyond': the movement into dual power through altered social relations in practice.

xxx Summarise relations of production from Coop dimension, Toolstack dimension, Solidarity dimension. Summarise as altered relations of production.

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