2 Solidarity - Transformed silos, formación

Here we describe features of the solidarity/mutuality ‘sector’ of meet.coop community, and invoke the practice of formación that builds and sustains activist formations, and their capability in mutual

Updated: 16oct2021

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xxx Formación - skilfully, fluently, making and reproducing the formations of the mutual sector

xxx Seven Rs - can be silos Seven Rs

xxx Structures of feeling - regenerative activism, the aesthetic landscape

xxx Mutuality, structures of feeling

xxx Feminist economics

xxx Intersectionality, diversity, pluriverse

xxx Affiliations and enemies, resistance and creativity, desires and realisms, compassion and equanimity, greeds and aversions, Selfing and Othering

Tools for conviviality

Vernacular capability is central, in contrast with the administered, professionalised modes of modern state- and corporate- forms of social organisation. Ivan Illich powerfully developed this framing in the 70s, working first with Puerto-Rican communities in New York, then at CIDOC in Mexico. He proposed the development of 'tools for conviviality' - meaning not so much literal, discrete tools (eg digital tools) but rather the institutional forms that constitute capability or disability, privilege or literacy: healthcare, city planning, public administration, mandatory public education, etc.

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Illich's framing of 'vernacular' capability, literacy and power can be set in a wider context, of historical, emerging, radical roots capabilities, paralleled and layered, continuing. The slide below is a crude listing of emergent modes of resistance in the field of culture (aka labour power), in contexts of capital, digital regimes and colonial/anthopocene exploitation, extinction, epistemicide and emclosure.

A practice of formación will systematically mobilise these layered and paralleled and still-emergent modes of organisation, in a pluriverse of capability and insight. A dance of knowing.

See: Tools for conviviality

Solidarity - Privileges, obligations, sanctions, protocols

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