Register of members

Here we describe the functions and content of the Register of members.

Updated: 19jul2021

All members of are listed in the Register of members. The Register is a private document, accessible only to Operational members. Only individual people or organisations listed in the Register are granted access to spaces provisioned and hosted by

Information is kept according to European data protection and privacy regulations, currently GDPR. Information comprises:

  • Contact email of account contact

  • Type of membership - User or Operational

  • Level of User account

  • Status of subscription, record of financial contributions

  • etc

Procedure for making and deleting entries in the Regsiter xxx

  • User member/ \[Sustaining member]/Operational member: Payment of a financial contribution, continued payment of subscriptions - Certified by the Product circle

  • Operational member: Commitment to furnish dedicated use of material means - Recognised by the Tech circle.

  • Operational member: Commitment to perform at least a specified number of work hours in a Circle - Recognised by the Standing Assembly (All-Hands)

Etc? xxx

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