Here we describe the spaces that we steward for and with our members, as forces of production that can be mobilised in solidarity organising and economic transformation.
Updated: 19jul2021
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xxx Three kinds of spaces:
  • Platform spaces - Commons of running code - centrally, Big Blue Button: free-libre open-source (FLOSS) software code, running on a family of servers on various continents, and in users' web browsers, on their own diverse devices, across the web
  • Media spaces - Commons of digital media - for example, posts in the Forum (running on Discourse), the handbook (running on gitBook)
  • Venue spaces - Commons of live contribution and hands-on capability - for example, commons.hour, the sociocratic circles where operational members organise their operational contributions, the General Assembly
Together, these three kinds of spaces constitute the commons of Each calls for commoning in a somewhat different, distinctive mode - that is, under particular protocols.
Three kinds of commons provisioned by - Platform space, media space, venue space
xxx Provisioning - the toolstack. Provisioning spaces for practices
  • The extended trinity
  • The stack rump
  • Specials
xxx Forces of production. Digitally mediated practices.
  • Privileges
  • Obligations
  • Protocols. Protocols specify altered relations of production aRoPs. See Social relations.