3 Toolstack - Transformed organising capability, infrastructuring


Updated 2021 10 12

Incomplete, to be extended xxx


xxx Infrastructure as commons. Maintaining a stack of digitally mediated commons - platform commons, media commons, venue commons. Design-of-infrastructure as an emerging post-Fordist possibility and a field of struggle. xxx Cultivating literacy with digital means, farming a cultural commons of vernacular, activist, organising capability

xxx Stack of commons

The dance of knowing

xxx Historical forms of convivial organisation: RoPs of cultural production. Vernacular. Altered institutions, not discrete tech ‘tools’ but transformed, transformational genres, skills and understandings. Formaciòn.

xxx Dance of knowing

xxx See Design justice - intersection of ‘toolstack’ with ‘solidarity & mutuality’ (Seven Rs)

Altered social relations - Toolstack

‘The dance of provisioning’ as a frame for oppositional, vernacular capability . .

  • Beyond corporation & state

  • Beyond consumerist households

Other frames (other schemas?) for vernacular capability . .

  • Beyond a UX of ‘dumb seamlessness’

  • Beyond proprietary tools

  • Beyond centralised networks

  • Beyond global South/North uneven development (pluriverse? Escobar)

  • Beyond language silos - decolonial practice, on the ground

Toolstack - Privileges, obligations, sanctions, protocols

xxx To be developed xxx

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