Media spaces


Updated: 19jul2021

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Media spaces in

  • Text chat, low persistence - Operations members (Matrix/Element)

  • Text chat, immediate - User members, live (BBB sidebar)

  • Discussion threads, medium persistence - Forum (Discourse)

  • Discussion threads, medium persistence - ¿Newsletter? (¿OpenCollective messaging?)

  • Working papers, medium persistence - Cloud share (¿NextCloud?)

  • Library/FAQ, long persistence - Handbook (¿gitBook?)

  • Library/FAQ, long persistence - Constitution (¿gitBook?)

  • Library/FAQ, long persistence - Code of practice (¿gitBook?)

  • Library/FAQ, long persistence - ¿Operations handbook? (¿gitBook?)

  • Video playback - Room recordings (Greenlight. ¿PeerTube?)

xxx Commons of digital media: documents, text-based communications

Social relations in media spaces

  • Privileges: operations members, user members

  • Obligations

  • Protocols. Protocols specify altered relations of production aRoPs. See Social relations.

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