Political economy

In this section we describe the political economy of meet.coop, including membership and members' contributions, political and ethical economy in a commons, and financial & livelihood aspects.

Updated: 19jul2021

meet.coop provisions and hosts a variety of commoned, digitally mediated spaces (see Provisioning and hosting), and grants access to members of two kinds: operational members and user members. Each makes contributions in the commons, with privileges and obligations, and subject to various protocols according to the kind of member and the kind of space. A member may be an individual person or an organisation.

‘meet.coop’ is the commons which is the totality of:

  • all the kinds of commoned spaces described in Spaces and

  • all the recognised members

  • under the totality of privileges, obligations and protocols defined for all the spaces and all kinds of membership.

For legal purposes, the name of meet.coop is: meet.coop - the online meeting coop.

With regard to membership, we describe:

With regard to the political and ethical economy of commoning, we discuss:

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