Here we describe commons.hour - a regular scheduled venue for exchange between user members and operational members, part of the organisational machinery for stewarding’s commons.

Updated: 16aug2021

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commons.hour is part of the organisational machinery for stewarding the commons.

  • commons.hour is a monthly meeting held on the fourth Monday, at 18:00 UTC

  • the meeting lasts for 60 minutes

  • the meeting takes place here

  • commons.hour has extra.time of 30 minutes afterwards, for informal connections and follow-through (including offers-&-wants) among whoever chooses to stay

  • commons.hour and extra.time are facilitated

  • meetings normally are in English language, but we will expand out of this

  • the standard format is 15min presentations followed by 40min open exchange

commons.hour is the main bridge - the most regular and approachable bridge - between user members and operational members, and one of the essential venues for multistakeholder stewarding in, along with the the Community circle and the General Assembly. Matters promoted in commons.hour are taken to the Community circle for operational development, by Community circle operational members, who also bring matters from the circle to commons.hour for consideration by user members.

A nominated member of each other Circle - Tech, Operations, Product - should participate. It might make sense if if these were the spokespersons - ie, the Council members. But this won't always be appropriate.

xxx Scheduling of presentations - protocols including prior publishing of material for discussion, the mix of user and operations presenters, the mix of ‘sectors’ of the wider community, and prioritising of topics

xxx Working relationship between commons.hour as a standing assembly, and the Community circle - user members as operational members of the circle, scheduling and provisioning of commons.hour, paid contributions, etc

xxx Facilitating - protocols including starting and finishing on time, note-taking, ‘raising hands’ to speak, etc

xxx Meeting format - protocols including extra.time, wants-&-offers and colonial language apology

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