Session protocols

Here are the protocols for facilitating sessions in commons.hour, including commons.hour specials

There is a related set of protocols for pre- and post-session actions.

Sessions are on the fourth Monday of the month, 18:00 UTC, in the commons.hour room on the European server:

  • (Spanish) dial-in number is (34)932208649 SIP dial in URI is Conference PIN is 82823

A session has these segments:

  • Intro 5min

  • Presentation 15min

  • Open floor exchange 30min

  • Wrap-up 10min

  • Extra time 30min

Roles in a session:

  • Facilitator: intro, flow of the meeting, moderation

  • Presenter : a scene-setting opening presentation, plus highlights at wrap-up stage

  • Open-floor contributor: brief ad hoc in main session, ad hoc informal in extra time

  • Community circle: nominate take-home points for the handbook, in wrap-up stage, facilitate extra time

Intro 5min - See below for script

By: Facilitators - to establish their voice in the space

  • Colonial language acknowledgement

  • Session protocols

  • Advertise extra time

  • Recording this session, options for anonymity. Start recording here

  • Soundbite on (chat link to website).

  • Soundbite on commons.hour (chat link to handbook).

  • Hand-over to presenter (chat link to this session’s background section @ handbook). Presenter makes self-intro.

Presentation 15min

By: Presenter - to open the discussion. Self-intro

Open floor exchange 30min

By: All

  • Turn-taking, 'hands up', engaging all the voices in the room, being brief: an attention-demanding task for facilitators.

Cade/Benjamin (NDC) to work out protocols and document here (or include in the Intro script below).

Wrap-up 10min - See script below

  • Presenter - highlight anything that emerged in the session, related to their intro

  • Community circle - nominate the take-home items from the session, for the handbook (ie potential protocols for practice)

  • Facilitator: highlight the Forum discussion thread for ongoing exchange on session topics; and announcement thread for posting of the recording and live notes. Chat links to Forum. Thank you and close. Hand over to extra time.

Extra time 30min

  • Facilitated by Community circle

  • check-in - Who we are, how we came here, how’s our weather?

  • needs & offers: standard segment

  • things to highlight, enquire, chat about further, notify

  • Highlight the forum as a news/queries medium (link to forum, community circle/FAQs)

= = =


Welcome to commons.hour. This meeting is being facilitated by xxx and by me, xxx.

Recording: As advertised, this session will be recorded. If you would like to be anonymous you can leave the room, and re-join with an altered name. Of course you may leave your camera off. Within 24hours a link to the recording will be posted in the forum discussion thread for this session. Link in the chat: Forum discussion thread xxx

Protocols in this session:

  • There will be 15min discussion starter, by xxx and xxx

  • Then 30min open-floor, contributing briefly please

  • To speak you can signal ‘hand-up’ using the button, or write in the chat *speak or *ask

  • We aim to finish on time, wrap-up commences 10min before close

  • You can write in the chat (saved chat will be posted in the forum). You can also send one-to-one messages in the chat (not saved or posted).

  • Shared notes will be made, and posted in the forum. If you would like to, you can post a personal description in the notes. Start participants list in the notes

  • At the end there will be 30min extra time, for informal check-in, ‘wants and offers’, and further discussion.

We’re starting recording now. Start recording Welcome to commons.hour. offers a platform for online meetings, powered by renewables, running on libre software, and with a commitment to data privacy and digital safety. Link in the chat:

commons.hour is a monthly series of collaborative sessions, to share, learn and build a long term foundation for in provisioning digital infrastructure under multistakeholder governance. We intend to weave commons and cooperative traditions together, in a way that can be inspirational and transformative. In these sessions we’re seeking an approach that can be reused and tweaked by others. Link:

Here’s a colonial language apology: We’re conducting this meeting with English (Spanish, French, etc) as the primary language. We acknowledge that our ability to speak to each other here arises within a history of white supremacy, European and global- North colonial domination, the extermination of peoples and cultures, and economic extraction and enclosure. We aim to make reparation and to transform this continuing regime.

Through commons.hour, our Community circle and Board of stewards, and our work of digital infrastructuring, we mean . .

  • To engage ongoing versions of colonial supremacy and enclosure, and develop practices of resistance and remaking . .

  • To contribute to reparation and to affiliating, federating and organising ‘beyond the fragments’, and

  • To facilitate mutual aid and fairtrade in a coop-commons economy, across global and regional uneven development.

It’s our policy to experiment in specific meetings, to discover good protocols for multi-language meetings.

Today: The focus of today’s session is xxx. Our discussion starter is zzz of xxx; welcome zzz. Over to them: 15minutes. Link in the chat: session background docs in the handbook or NextCloud xxx

Closing script

We’re closing the session now. Thank you all for contributing.

The forum has a thread for continuing exploration of today’s topics. Please do pitch in there, there’s much more to engage with. Link in chat: Forum discussion thread xxx

The room will stay open now for 30 minutes extra time. This is an opportunity for informal check-in, and for any ‘offers and wants’ to be aired. Looking forward to seeing you at another session, the next is Fourth Monday xxx.

Link in chat: [commons.hour in the forum xxx]

Handing over to the extra.time facilitators. Have a good day.

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