User members, user-member accounts

Here we describe User members, user-member accounts the privileges and obligations of user members, and protocols to be observed by user members.

Updated: 19jul2021

A User member is recognised following a financial contribution through the nominated channel - presently OpenCollective - via an entry in the Register, and then allocation and notification of a BBB (Big Blue Button) Account in Greenlight.

xxx Period of membership. Repeating contributions, monthly subscription, Funding contributions. Lapsed membership.

Accounts grant various degrees of access to BBB platform space, according to subscription. Presently, User members are granted access to the spaces of as follows:

  • Four degrees of access in BBB platform space, fair-use:

  • Level 1 account - Individual. Maximum 10 meeting participants

  • Level 2 account - Small group. Maximum 20 meeting participants

  • Level 3 account - Larger group. Maximum 50 meeting participants

  • Level 4 account - Organisation. Unlimited accounts, maximum 100 meeting participants.

Access to other spaces (commons):

  • xxx any other platform spaces , all user members alike, public toolstack

  • xxx media spaces , all user members alike, a media commons?

  • xxx venue spaces, all user members alike, a venue (live gathering) commons?

xxx Privileges, obligations and protocols - as per each space

xxx Privileges, obligations and protocols - per membership contribution

xxx BBB obligations include Fair use


¿A future class of membership: Sustaining member? Identical with an individual or small group account, but making a financial contribution substantially larger, as a sustaining contribution. Voting privileges equivalent to a ¿small/medium/large? group/organisation.

From commons.hour session#1 - Membership and contribution: Opt into different modes of membership which are in fact modes of contribution? Contribution

For example:

  • developer-user (tech-user members A)

  • guinea-pig user (tech-user members B)

  • simple infrastructure-consumer user, etc.


  • Ops members (tech)

  • ops members (organisation, product)

  • ops members (community) - eg contributing consistently in media spaces (forum, handbook), venue spaces (commons.hour, Community circle). Etc

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