Dependence - Livelihood, infrastructure, dual power

Updated: 19jul2021
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Although is a coop-commons practice, and part of an emergent, transformative coop-commons economy, there are dependencies on the wider, prior, hegenmonic system that cannot be escaped. Any commons is in a dance - a struggle - with that hegemonic system. Thus, the practice of a commons at the present time is a practice dual power. The pressure bears quite directly in a couple of areas: livelihood and contribution, and provisioning of material infrastructure.

Livelihood and contribution

Material infrastructure and provisioning

  • Servers
  • Networks
  • Capitalist markets and provisioning
  • See also: Platform spaces

The dance of provisioning - Dual power

Struggle between an economy of commoning . . within an emergent ’new social economy' grounded in contributions in 'the mutual sector' . . in contradictory relationship (a dance) with the hegemonic colonial-capitalist economy: commodity production and exchange, State provision, consumerist household economy.
xxx See also: Dual power
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