Formación - Learning, the dance of knowing

Here we develop principles of learning and capability, in commons, in cooperation and in the mutual sector, as the basis of relationships between and within the plural sectors of community

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xxx Principles of learning and capability as the basis of relationships between and within the plural sectors of community

From commons.hour session#1: Learning as a core practice: Learning by doing cooperating (doing commoning) is a core practice of the coop-commons, On one hand, contribution as learning, on the other hand learning to contribute This is the way to develop and mutualise . . confidence, empathy, coop-commons ’literacy’, reciprocity, respect/recognition of differing, diverse skills. Etc etc.

  • in commons (a stack of commons)

  • in economic cooperation, and

  • in the mutual sector aka global civil society.


  • A practice of skilful production of capabilities, to make and sustain . .

  • Activist formations (and weaves of formations) with the capability to make & sustain . .

  • The coop-commons economy, as a prefigurative practice of dual power

  • More to be added xxx

A generative dance of knowing

xxx Rather than 'knowledge' - as if there were some kind of 'stuff' that can be accumulated and distributed - orient to practices of knowing, conducted with a sophisticated mix of forms of rigour, by activist formations, as a kind of participatory, live choreography.

Media (eg digital media) play a pivotal role - but to say that these 'conatin knowledge' is a fallacy of misplaced concreteness. Key constructs include: collaborative work, media, knowing (visioning, investigating, communicating, designing, etc etc), organising, dancing/choreography.

To be developed xxx

Derived from a schema by Cook & Brown: S. D. Noam Cook & John Seely Brown (1999), Bridging Epistemologies: The Generative Dance Between Organizational Knowledge and Organizational Knowing, Organization Science , August 1999, 10, 381-400. DOI: 10.1287/orsc.10.4.381 Downdload NextCloud or ResearchGate

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