Funding contributions

Here we address the funding contributions to the political economy of
Incomplete. To be extended xxx
This schema highlights funding contributions. See also the overall schema for contribution accounting:
Political economy - Funding contributions
xxx monthly membership fees through the OpenCollective platform. No new legal entity was needed to operate this. Platform6, a cooperative partner of OpenCollective in the UK, became the fiscal host to channel the OpenCollective funds from members to
xxx How the process looks to the User member - What to expect? Means of contacting - A prominent Contact us page in the handbook?
Query from commons.hour session#1: Offer an investment option as distinct from the current operational-cost contribution available to user-members. Keep the floor low, but the ceiling high.
Associated with this: development wish list: Assemble a wish list (for spending). Define projects/budgets, pitched at various levels according to available funding, and incrementally fund projects, perhaps crowdfunding-style.