Dimensions of community

Here we discuss intentions of to contribute in much wider communities that are stewarded as commons (or need to be). provisions and hosts various platform, media and venue spaces that we hold as commons, in which responsibility for stewarding sits directly with, as the provisioner.
However, our intentions in reach much wider, into communities that are - or need to be - stewarded as commons, through larger and more diverse economic and cultural formations. This section discusses the contributions of in that larger community of activist practice.

Seven Rs of activist commitment

We note ‘seven Rs’ of civil-society activist commitment, and discuss the bearing that each of these has on protocols in
  • Rescue
  • Resistance
  • Reporting, recording
  • Re-weaving
  • Reparation, reconciliation
  • Regenerative activism
  • Regime change, revolution
This is the frame that we bring to bear in developing as a prefigurative practice of dual power. It defines what is for. See dual power

Landscapes of practice

We also note that practice - of activist formations, or of anyone - can be seen as conducted in three ‘landscapes’, each of which needs to be related-to, engaged-with and supported in a particular way.
The landscape of material stuff, in which software code and digital platforms constitute a significant present-day element, is just one of these, and often, far from the most significant. See Actions in three landscapes

Sectors of membership

Looking at our evolving membership during 2021, we felt that three broad ‘sectors’ of practice needed to be recognised, in order to fully engage with them, support them, and recruit them into active contribution as members of
These are by no means distinct - although falling into ‘silos’ is a central challenge in civil-society organising and commons transition, which we mean to engaged with in the commons.hour venue space.
A principle of plurality or ‘pluriverse’ is involved here. Plural community - Three sectors
Plural community - Three sectors of membership
The remainder of this section is organised under these three headings: