Recognition of contributions

Here we describe the ways in which contributions are recognised in

Updated: 10jan2022

Work contributions recognised primarily in terms of . .

Privileges of a member, in a space (a commons) provisioned by the coop:

  • Formal roles & titles @ Circles & Assemblies (eg Circle member, Board member)

  • Tasks (self)assigned @ a Circle

  • Moderation privileges @ forum.

  • Etc

Sometimes recognised thro 'cultural' means:

  • Tagging a contributor or contribution in some media space -

  • Badges

  • Shout-out @ newsletter.

  • Etc

Sometimes recognised in kind:

  • Free BBB account

  • Access to ops members’ tools or media channels.

  • Etc

Finally - importantly but not universally, in currency:

  • Wages, bounties, expenses. Aka livelihood payments. Etc

  • Perhaps including tokens/credits of some kind (eg open-credit scheme, time bank)

  • Also, quite prominently, rent (eg for servers). Also transaction fees (eg at OpenCollective).

xxx Protocols for the above

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