Operational members

Here we describe Operational members, the terms of contribution, the privileges and obligations of user members, and protocols to be observed by user members.
Updated: 19jul2021
An operational member is recognised in an entry in the Register, signifying a commitment to contribute:
  • Dedicated use of material means (typically, ‘bare-metal’ servers) at an agreed monthly rental, and participation in the Tech circle; or
  • A funding contribution of £xxx or more [query - is this ‘Sustaining membership’\ rather than Operational membership?]; or
  • At least 40 work hours in one or more Circles of
    Recognition in the Registry follows approval of the commitment by the Standing Assembly (All-Hands meeting).
xxx Period of membership. Lapsed operational membership xxx
Privileges, obligations and protocols - as per each Circle. See: Circles
Members of Circles are granted access to the spaces of as follows:
  • All platform spaces, public domain - Level 1 account
  • Other platform spaces, operational domain
  • Media spaces , operational domain
  • Venue spaces, operational domain
xxx Use same schema as User members, a focused version of this: (img)
Platform spaces accessible to Operational members (draft version)