Contributions & locations of work

Here we outline the locations in which work contributions are made, including locations of the pivotal work of valuing.

Updated : 07dec2021

This schema shows locations of work in the three kinds of spaces provisioned by, and the type of members who contribute there. To be expanded in text xxx

The schema below illustrates the principle, that contributions of particular kinds are made in particular locations. The practice of contribution accounting needs Means of recording and valuing these contributions and locations. These may vary, according to the space and the contribution. To be expanded in text xxx

The work of valuing

The work of valuing is pivotal in stewarding, provisioning and enjoying various means in commons. The schema below is a placeholder for a description of the work of valuing that is performed in various locations (venue spaces: Circles and Assemblies). To be expanded xxx

This should include a review of the various modes of recognising & rendering the value of a contribution, as in the summary list below. See Means of recording and valuing

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