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Privacy is a key value, and especially the lack thereof at the dominant extractivist platforms is a driver to build up In a public statement, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan [shared] that “Zoom will work together with the FBI and local law enforcement, in case some people use Zoom for a bad purpose.” Micky Metts from Agaric [asks us]: «Who determines the meaning of ‘bad purpose’?» How is privacy and anonymity dealt with at

  • No user data is sold or shared with thrid third parties, that is not part of the business model

  • members have to provide the minimum personal data to become members

  • an incognito membership role exists that exposes only the user’s email address to the operational team

  • participants to online meetings can choose whatever nick name they want to join a meeting and can participate in meetings without sharing their webcam or audio, through the room’s chat and shared notepad

  • when a session host activates recording in their room, this is visible to participants

  • there is no active collaboration with law enforcement and only under legal obligation there will be the minimum collaboration necessary to comply with the law

  • more information is in the [Privacy Policy]

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