Assemblies and deliberations

Here we describe the architecture of venues in which the work of stewarding & provisioning in is done: assemblies & reviews, deliberations & choices, design practices & cultural exchanges.

Updated: 19jul2021

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Assemblies - face-to-face venues for stewarding - are:

  • Circles, under broadly sociocratic principles - operational members

  • Standing assembly (all-hands) - operational members

  • commons.hour - operational members, user members

  • General assembly - operational members, user members, Circles

  • Board of stewards - proxy for General assembly, between assemblies; effectively a Circle of nominated spokespeople for each Circle, operating on behalf of the multistakeholder General Assembly. Convenes the General Assembly

  • etc?

Media spaces for deliberation within stewarding are:

  • The forum - specific nominated categories/threads in the forum? A decisions & polls thread/category?

  • Polls (?)

  • etc?

Protocols for assemblies and deliberations:

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