Social relations

Here we develop the principles that we adopt in the design and operating practice of At the heart is a map of our plural community, and plural commitments in civil-society activism.

Updated 2021 10 11

This is one of three core sections in this handbook, dealing with the mobilising of the commons that are provisioned by what is for. The other two core sections are:

  • Political economy - dealing with the provisioning of a stack of digitally-mediated commons, the composition of the commons, and the contributions involved across diverse kinds of members in the commons; and

  • Assemblies and deliberations - dealing with the stewarding of the commons: privileges, obligations, sanctions, protocols, deliberations, assemblies.

This social relations section has three parts:

  • Intentions, principles - Briefly summarises the approach to ‘principles’ in this handbook, underlying the Constitution in Section 6. Links also to a Code of conduct

  • Actions in three landscapes - Sketches the model of ‘practice’ that underlies the provisioning and mobilising of commons in, and the centrality in this of social relations and altered social relations.

  • Dimensions of community - the largest part of this section, describes three sectors of activist practice in the membership of, and our orientation to these.

This schema below shows the relationships between these areas, which together contain a set of patterns-of-practice (in the sense of Chris Alexander's 'pattern language' - To be added xxx) to be expressed as protocols of practice in To be developed xxx

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