Work of valuing, and means of recording and valuing (mapping) contributions

Here we outline means of recording contributions and rendering valuations - A technology for value accounting

Updated : 07dec2021

xxx This is a placeholder for a framework to be developed from the list in the schema below. When developed, this will constitute a technology for value accounting in

The means of recording and valuing are themslves elements in the Media space of These media spaces significantly include the Forum, the handbook and the public website. But probably a further media space will need to be added: a record of contributions.built anined with the technology hinted at below.

See also: Contribution accounting

We anticipate that this might be implemented through the language (Add reference], and associated libre-code apps from an ecosystem of open apps [Add reference to open apps ecosystem, maybe Bonfire xxx]. A significant majority (?) of the practice will however need to be implemented through live practices of skilled valueing in venues, rather than being computable in an algebra of formal numerical metrics.

The core activities of financial accounting and distributing of livelihood payments will of course need this kind of algorithmic framework. It's unclear how far contributions in kind and contributions of gift work might also be adequately and appropriately dealt with in this kind of way.

The schema indicates that valuing needs to be supported by documentation of:

As noted above, a record of contributions - and the valuing of these - will need to be maintained, as one the pivotal media spaces in Much more than just 'a database', this is a basic resource for the work of valuing around which a commons hinges, and for the various forms of recognition of contributions. The schema below shows contributions recorded in thee 'manifolds': of funding, of material means (in-kind contributions) and of work.

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