BBB - Big Blue Button

Sketch of Big Blue Button origins and distinctive features

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xxx Big Blue Button is the FLOSS software used by to host video meetings. BBB is a component of platform space. Created and maintained by xxx.

xxx Size of meetings. Fair use

xxx Breakout rooms

xxx Protocols for video meetings - Venue space.

xxx Origins of BBB in distance education. Current use, globally. MOOCS, school teaching.

  • The basic paradigm: a lecture with a slide deck presentation, perhaps with small-group breakouts.

  • The other extreme: a smallish group of peers, all having moderator permissions and taking turns at presenting/screensharing.

  • Offline use: creating an animated video presentation with soundtrack.

xxx Features of BBB. FAQs

  • Settings

  • Participants' sidebar

  • Shared text-chat sidebar

  • Shared notes sidebar

  • Presentation pane. Full-screen, zooming

  • Shared whiteboard, whiteboard techniques

  • Slide deck(s)

  • Audio/echo test

  • Video/camera

  • Video thumbnails

  • Screenshare

  • Breakout rooms

  • Video recording a meeting - or parts of a meeting

  • Creating an animated presentation as a video recording

  • Playback of recordings (in Greenlight)

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