Running list of sessions

Scheduling a sequence of a dozen-or-so monthly instances of commons.hour, over a 12-month period.

Updated: 05sep2021

There are more than twelve sessions below. It seemed appropriate to expand the running list a little, to enable more member organisations to bring a focus. Three phases. Some sessions held in dual language?

For a shorter listing, without comments and notes, see Summary running list

The paras below, formatted like this one, indicate which area of the handbook we have in our sights for this session.

Phase 1 - Intro

Session #1- Sept 2021 - Intro

Wouter Tebbens, Mike Hales @ Community circle - Intro to commons.hour: intentions of commons.hour, rationale for the running list of topics, the methodology for designing a weave of contributions thro protocols and a handbook.

Phase 2 - Opening the frame(s)

Session #2 - Oct 2021

Ela Kagel @ Supermarkt, Berlin - Community development and geography, the community of a trans-region digital infrastructure? Learning to behave in digital space.

Intersectional community - Community development in a trans-region digital-mediated landscape: ‘infrastructuring’ as community development

Session #3 - Nov 2021

Natalie Brenner, Jaime Villareal @ May First Movement Technology, USA/Mexico: Autonomous movement organisations and governance, in the MayFirst platform of tools and movement education.

Assemblies and deliberations - Operating with a membership comprising autonomous movement organisations. Working with a machinery (or ecology) of boards, annual assemblies, elections, priorities; paid and unpaid contributions.

December 2021 - No session this month.

Session #4 - Jan 2022

Monica Garriga/David Jacovkis/David Gomez @ femProcomuns, Barcelona: developing and maintaining a digital commons. the difference it makes, to approach a coop as building a commons?

Political economy - Provisioning the stack of digital commons: evolving and tuning the toolstack and how it runs, maintaining it, paying a fair wage for the labour involved.

  • Hold this in dual language?

  • Invite Remix to comment here, in advance of their later session #8?

Session #5 - Feb 2022

Graham Mitchell @ Platform6, Webarchitects, Yorkshire: governance in coops, specifically multistakeholder. Being realistic about work contributions from unpaid members (unpaid executive membership of Boards?) but not collapsing into a de-facto provider-led worker coop, or passive consumer coop.

Assemblies and deliberations - Coop governance - in workers’ coops, consumer coops. Working with a machinery of executive vs non-executive board members, users and workers, elections and sociocratic circles.

  • Comment invited from Francesca Pick @ GreaterThan/OuiShare/Enspiral

Session #6 - Mar 2022

TBC - ¿Silvia/Stacco? @ Guerrilla Translations/DisCO project - or perhaps ¿Lynn? @ Mikorizal/ValueFlows: contribution accounting in practice, including kinds of contributors, types of work, forms of recognition (including credits), tools for accounting and valueing.

Political economy - Contribution accounting and recognition of different kinds of contributions; including livelihood of operational members.

  • Invite Nathan Schneider to comment, in advance of their later session #10?

Session #7 - Apr 2022

Cade Diehm/Ben Royer @ New Design Congress: ‘Society as user’, design justice as a practice in cultivating a stack of digital commons.

Intersectional community - Solidarity as collaborating and federating: how to achieve mutuality across movements in our making and mobilising of venue-, media- and platform-spaces

  • Invite Trinh @ commUNITY, Georgia @ SimSec, Stefi @ Moving Sports to comment here? Might this convergence of perceived concerns be white-male tokenist?

Session #8 - May 2022

Sophie Bloemen @ municipalist network: Organising in a frame of municipalism and doughnut economics, multi-region/multi-language: tools for conviviality, platforms and digital infrastructure. And the governance of these - commoning, not just coops.

Assemblies and deliberations - Distributed peer-to-peer organising; deliberation (in threads), text chat. Working in a flat organisation: work-circle (sociocratic?) organisation, project organisation, campaign organisation.

  • Hold this in dual language?

Session #9 - Jun 2022

Fred Sultan, Yves Otis @ Remix the Commons: cross-language and cross-region challenges and shared learning spaces.

Intersectional community - Silos: why we find ourselves in silos, how to organise ‘beyond fragments’ and uneven development

  • Hold this in dual language?

Session #10 - Jul 2022

Nathan Schneider @ Media Enterprise Design Lab, U Boulder Colorado /Everything for Everyone: a ‘provocation’ on multistakeholder governance, rationale for federation rather than internal complexity.

Political economy - Collaborating, flat organising & norms in the world of P2P free-libre culture. Benevolent dictatorship, unlimited individualism, ‘autonomism’? The power of protocols & limits of ‘trust’. Differences in a commons, between free-libre freedom and sanctioned participation.

No session in August.

Session #11 - Sept 2022

Jason Nardi @ RIPESS: Organising and steering for solidarity economy across flat organisations, within and across regions.

Assemblies and deliberations - Peer-to-peer organising; deliberation (in threads) and text chat. Flat organisations: work-circle (sociocratic?) organisation, project organisation, campaign organisation. Benevolent dictatorship, in the world of P2P, endless forking - even, sectarianism? Falling back on libertarian individualism?

  • Jason: Invite local solidarity economy organisations to contribute? NYC? Jackson? Francophone north-south? Etc etc.

  • Invite contribution by MayFirst? GEO?

  • Hold this in dual language?

Phase 3 - Drawing together protocols into practice

Session #12 - Oct 2022 Community circle - Firming-up on protocols, assembling and implementing a handbook - GENSET.

Any chance of involving Cilla Ross in this, ex-Vice Principal, Coop University, UK? As governance of a commons of movement capability, aka a distributed college

Session #13 - Nov 2022 Community circle - Distilling protocols and principles into a Constitution. Including Political economy - User members’ and operational members’ privileges and limitations (aka Code of conduct); obligations and sanctions (including moderation, exclusion, credit or status penalties, whatever).

Contribution from Emi Do, Matt Noyes @ invited here.

Session #14 - Dec 2022 Community circle - General assembly, preparations for the inaugural assembly. Relationship with Standing assembly of operational members (aka All-hands) and commons.hour (aka standing assembly of user- and operational-members). A Council (comprising the speakers of operational Circles?) as standing proxy for the General assembly?

Recruit user members to Community circle - although this should have been ongoing.

Additional session - To be scheduled?

Tor project - xxx

Political economy - Members’ privileges and limitations in the digital commons of; obligations and sanctions. User members; operational members. Safety, privacy, defence of spaces.

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